Trans girl Cleavage

I think most of us men like to see some hot “Trans girl Cleavage” ! Yeah I quoted that because I said it. Hope that does not bother you!! Oh and Hey Google. Please index that Bold text! Thanks. <---- Sorry guys. I do write this for you but I could also use a little indexing love from Google Bot on this. I mean after all, Trans girl cleavage is quite important and I want as many of you guys to find this post as I can. Simply because its all about the boobs. Or was that base? I cant remember. Anywhooo. Let me get back to some amazing tits and this rack happens to belong to Vitress Tamayo. Yeah she is Asian and yeah she has a nice set of tits. Just peek below at the photo to see what I am talking about. I mean really. These are some big tits.

Vitress was trying to show off as much as she could for the new camera guy and he got some hot cleavage shots. And she was loving the attention that she was getting. After all, Vitress is a Camera slut like so many of the other girls that you meet. Pull out a camera and they start flashing and showing off their bodies and titties.

You can click on the image below to check out more of this photo set and the movie in the members area. You will fall in love with Vitress and need so much more!

Trans girl cleavage

Also remember that Vitress has a nice ass that need some attention as well. So if you join or happen to run into her make sure to do this. First of all work those amazing lips. The pay particular attention to her tits. And once you get to her ass. Well.. You got to lick it before you stick it!!!!

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