Short skirt

We all love a short skirt. And this skirt is so much more than short. It is not a mini. It’s a Micro and that is hot as fuck when you consider that a well hung Trans girl likes to wear it. TaniaQ is that girl and as you can see in the image below. Well you can see her cock. And even in the photos where she has her panties still on you can see her bulge. Now talk about sexy. Can you just imagine being in a public setting and she walks in with high heels and this short skirt? Man talk about boner inducing.

This photo set of TaniaQ in her short skirt is quite hot. And like I said her cock comes out and you can play with it if you like. And once you get that big fat trans girl cock hard. Well then its time to really have some fun. TaniaQ is both active and passive and that means that she does everything in bed. So you can suck her cock while she sucks yours. Then you can stick your dick in her ass and she is going to want to do the same to you!

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Short Skirt


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