Panties and Bra

Panties and Bra. You already know that most trans girls wear panties and bra no matter where they go. However this is not so much asking if you know that but asking what sort of panties and bra you like to see on your trans girl.

Honestly depending on the trans girl and her body. She might have to wear something other than what you really adore. Alessandra Blonde in the photos below has a body that she can wear anything and it looks nice. From the very firm lingerie like from Victorias to the very soft things like she has on in the photos below. Her tits are more than firm enough to not need straps. And her cock is just the right size that she can push it back and it stays even with softer panties like here. Her body in that aspect is just perfect.

Panties and BraHigh Heels Alessandra Blonde

Take a close look at these photos. Then make sure to check out the rest of the set in her members area. Yes the lingerie is coming off and she will be 100% naked and ready for you. Simply click a text link to see more right now. Alessandra Blonde is naked and waiting for you.

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