Mariana Cordoba in Stockings

Take a look at Mariana Cordoba in Stockings. Wait. Can you focus on the stockings? Yeah I know its hard. Took me a while to realize she had them on as well. Like 3 weeks I think. But anyway she she does have on stockings and we wanted you to see them. Maybe we could have used another photo but this one also had something else we wanted to talk about. Yep you guessed it! Her Hair!

Nahh just kidding. Not her hair. We want to talk about that towering cock of hers. Do not get me wrong. The over all topic of this post is Mariana Cordoba in Stockings. However you cant see those for that huge cock being in the way. Now can you just imagine seeing her on your sofa wearing nothing but stockings and maybe a little lingerie. With her cock standing up like this. Stroking it slowly and looking up at you as you walk in? How long would you remain clothed? How fast could you cross the room to get to her cock and what would you do?

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Mariana Cordoba in Stockings

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