Ladyboy ass hole

Who wants into this ladyboy ass hole? Not sure about you but I think this is the tightest ass hole I have ever seen. And it seems to be extremely inviting and ready for some hardcore action. Could you just imagine lubing that hole and then sinking you cock into it?

Just imagine it. She is on her hands and knees. You walk up behind her. Caress the back of her thighs. Run your hand from her knee up the back of her legs. Watch as she shivers knowing that you are back there and planning to do something. But because she is facing away she does not know what. Then just to shock her. You lean in spreading her ass cheeks and shove your tongue deep into that tight little ladyboy ass hole. Making sure to leave a lot of spit as lubricant. Then when you pull your tongue out you slip in your little finger. Not deep. Just the tip and you spin it in a circle. Going in and out.

Now while she is starting to push her ass against your finger. Use your other hand to lube the head of your cock. Make sure to run the lube the lenght of your shaft. Now as you withdraw your finger put the head of your cock against her love hole and gently start to push.

Ladyboy ass hole

You can already feel her ass lips starting to spread. They are tight so you have to add a little more pressure to pop the head through. Once you feel that pop, the shaft is moving in and deeper and her squeal of pain is now one of pleasure. So you push harder and deeper. Finally also feeling her ass cheeks push against your hips.

Now pull back and begin to stroke her hole with your entire cock. Deeper and harder! Work that Ladyboy ass hole!

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