Face down ass up

Who wants to go face down ass up with Sapphire Young? Yeah me as well. I am either way with her because she is so damn pretty! But for a lot of the girls, the Face down ass up option works out really well. Just take a look here and let me know what you would personally want to do with Sapphire. In the mean time I will tell you what I would do if I had her in this position or any position similar to this.

I think that just walking into a room with Sapphire posing like this would start the process of my cock getting hard. Then once I got close enough to smell the perfume on her body I am sure my cock would be getting thick and stiff. I would reach down and lean in close and give her an amazing kiss. Sucking her lips and tongue into my mouth as I run a hand down her body. Letting my fingers caress her side boob and down around to gently squeeze her nipple.

With my other hand it would run down the top of her back and onto her ass. Slapping each ass cheek, and then moving between them to caress her love hole. I would pause a finger on that tight little hole and gently push. At the same time I would start kissing my way down her body. Licking her shoulders and down to her lower back.

Face down ass up

Once I got to her ass with my lips I would bite her nearest ass cheek and then slip my tongue down into her ass crack. When my tongue hits her love hole, I would stiffen it and tongue fuck her as long as I could. Feeling her body quiver in delight and her cock stiffen in my hands.

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