Ass in a thong

I think we all love to see a hot ass in a thong. And for those of you who do not know the ass in a thong in this photo. Well that is none other than the beautiful Alessandra Blonde. And she loves to show off her ass. If your not sure why, just look at that thong and see if you can figure it out. Ok… Ok… I will tell you. Its because in a thong or out of a thong she has an amazing ass and she loves to have men worship it. So get on your knees and get to work!

Most all of us love thong panties on a trans girl. And on the rare occasion we can get them to pose like this we get to see so much more than just her ass. We get a covered peek at her love hole and also her balls and cock. And from that peek on we just want to walk up behind her and touch her.

Can you just imagine walking up behind Alessandra and running your hands down her ass cheeks. Then with your right hand cupping one of her tits. You lean down, kissing her back. All the while your left hand slides down her ass cheek and traces the route of the thong panties. Then to cup her balls and cock in your hand. Kissing lower on her back and down her panty line!

Ass in a thong

Continue down with your kisses until you kneel down and trace your tongue over her ass hole and down onto her balls. Now pop the head of her cock out and pull it back and suck it between your lips!

Click the image above to check out more of this amazing ass in a thong.

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