Afrika Kampos in jeans

Afrika Kampos in jeans.

Yeah I know she does not have on the jeans in the photos below. But do you really care? Nope and neither do I. In fact I prefer when a girl wears something that is very simple and easy to take off. Like a dress she can just pull up and off or a skirt. That way its easy access to the juicy bits of her body. Not all girls can pull off the jeans look anyway. However Afrika Kampos in jeans is pretty hot. Her ass is just big enough to make you want to walk up behind her and grab her ass in one hand and reach around to the front and take a hold as well.

Afrika KamposJeansTopless

But as stated, once you get her out of the jeans and get her shirt off is when the real fun begins. Normally Afrika will have on some sort of sexy bra and panties set and you get to slowly remove those as well. Freeing her titties and eventually her cock.

Now that you have this idea in your hard its time to check out more of the set. Because all I have said here is about to happen for you in this exclusive photo set. Simply click a text link <---- Like that one to see more!

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